two women in denim jackets

Photo by Rogu00e9rio Martins on Pexels.com

Sistasrock is a Christ centered blog that highlights various women’s issues. A “Sista” represents women of faith who are sister’s in the spirit and/or sister friends. The Rock shows how, not only Sista’s Rock (are awesome) but also that Christ is the Rock and foundation on which all women and men for that matter must stand. Christ is our only salvation we look to in order to survive, thrive and have any lasting hope.

The writings here are designed to spark thought, prayer, reflection, healing, and change. The Blogs creator, Latanya “Epiphany” Richardson is an Award winning, seven time published author. Her books have been featured on Dr. Mel’s Book for the Day, ACHI, Action Mag and Social Therapy Magazines. Her writings are said to be positive, full of hope, powerful, and have helped initiate healing and deliverance for many women over the years. Feel free to browse the collection of post and blog topics here. If reading these post bless, help, or heal you in any way please leave a like or comment saying so, be sure to share it with another Sister.

SistasRock because we support, encourage, enlighten and help each other. It’s one of the ways in which we can continue to bring hope to a lost and hurting world. Enjoy our post and blogs. Be sure to like, leave a comment and share if it helps, touches, or blesses you. God bless you.

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